RTMG – DKU VAG 2.0TSI EA888.3 FWD Exhaust System

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RTMG – DKU VAG 2.0TSI EA888.3 FWD Exhaust System


We are proud to announce a new series of products in the exhaust system industry.


In RTMG we seek perfection. We announce the first worldwide, full 3.5” Exhaust system for the VAG 2.0TSI EA888.3 engines. Designed to provide the maximum possible exhaust gas flow even in the demanding hybrid turbo setups RTMG IS470RS and IS550RS at more than 550HP.

The new design and the unbelievably big bore 3.5” (90mm) assure that there is no backpressure on the engine, providing the maximum performance from the exhaust system. We have noticed increased boost pressure due to airflow up to +0.2bar pressure depending on the setup.


*This exhaust System is suitable for models Non-OPF

*This exhaust System is compatible for 2.0TSI EA888.3 FWD models

*The catback system will be adjusted according to the car model.

*Contact us to book in.

*Price includes 1 or 2 boxes for the best sound suited to your taste.

*Prices include fitting price. If you want to get the part delivered, please contact us.



*Track use only

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Downpipe, Turboback


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