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RTMG is pionnering in recalibrating the TCU file of the complex transmittion gearbox DSG- 7 DQ200 that is fitted to a huge variaty of VAG models, especially on the 1.4TSI & 1.8TSI GEN2 that dominated the market.


Three different stages of TCU calibration with unique specs and performance


Stg1 :

  • Increases of clamp pressure for smoother performance of the DSG under load and increased torque on remapped cars. Increases the lifetime of the clutch and quarantees smoother and faster DSG operation.
  • Faster gearchanges
  • Deactivation of kickdown in M mode

Stg2 :

  • Our race file with much faster gear changes compared to stg1
  • Further calibration of the TCU for manipulating the torque under an advanced stradegy

Stg3 :

  • Our ultimate race file with all the benefits of stg2 + Launch control activation

*  RTMG is not resposible for any clutch worn due to excessive LAUNCH CONTROL use.



  • RTMG is informing that there are big differences in the factory specifications due to the installation of the performance software upgrade. Moreover, these upgrades may cause unexpected problems to the car and RTMG is taking no liability and is not responsible for them.
  • The owner affirms that is completely aware and accepts all the above and especially that the performance software upgrade is not corresponding to the factory car capabilities based on the factory specifications and may cause unexpected problems to mechanical parts of the car.
  • The owner affirms that takes full liability of any unexpected problems or damages caused in the car after the installation of the performance software at the current or future date and will not claim against RTMG who installed the performance upgrades.

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Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage3


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