RTMG DSG-7 DQ381 & DQ500 Aluminum Oil Filter Housing

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The main reason for the failure of the DSG robotic box is the failure of overheating. Even car designers also point out this problem, which is corrected in the newer DSG gearboxes where the construction material of the oil filter housing is steel corrugated aluminum in order to increase heat dissipation. 

Moreover, a common defection of the factory housing filter in the DSG 7 is the distraction during the removal and the operation process, which leads to oil leakage from the filter housing.

  The best solution is to replace the plastic filter housing of DSG 7 with the RTMG one which is made entirely of high-quality aluminum, more durable compared to the OEM plastic one, to forget the problems of cracked & warped plastic housings. Last but not least, thanks to the material and the extra aluminum fin shell the best heat dissipation is achieved.

The aluminum housing is extending the lifetime of the gearbox DSG. 

At a glance

  • Top Quality Anodized Material
  • Bolt-On Application 
  • Leak Prevention
  • Perfect Replacement of the OEM Filter Housing
  • O-Ring included



  • You will not have to change the housing every time you change the filter.
  • Exact replacement of the OEM housing, constructing in the same size to use the same filter as with the OEM. 
  • Increased heat dissipation of the transmission oil.
  • Longevity to the filter housing and the gearbox.

 Filter Housing ΟΕΜ 0BH 325 159

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