RTMG VAG 1.2TSI – 1.4TSI EA211 Baffled Catch Can Kit

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RTMG Performance is pleased to present the best crankcase oil vapor separator for universal applications.The oil catch can helps for the longevity of the direct injection engines (FSI,TSI,TFSI,THP,GDI etc.).

The problem in these engines is carbon build up on the intake valves because the fuel is injected direct to the combustion chamber and doesn’t clean the intake valves which build up carbon from the oil fumes of the stock PCV Valve ,with the RTMG Baffled Catch Can you can reduce up to 60% of the carbon build up on the intake valves. The catch can prevent oil pooling in the intercooler and intercooler hoses.

Our three stage Baffling system features a unique direct path to the bottom of the can for the heavy oil vapors , secondly the three stages baffle design catch the lighter oil vapors, the result is that the returned fumes/vapors are cleaned 99% .


– CNC Billet Oil Catch Can monoblock

– Three Stage Baffling System

– Oil Level check with dipstick

– Drain in seconds system with drain valve

– Serviceable tree piece design

-18mm Barb Fittins

– Reduce Carbon Build Up

– Dimensions : 120x80mm

– Greek construction


*Set includes one oil catch can,2 meter pipe and 4 clumps.

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