RTMG Universal Carbon Fiber Oil Catch Can

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One common problem of the TSI engines is the carbon build-up on the intake valves. Due to the direct injection fueling system, where fuel is sprayed directly into the combustion chamber, the intake valves are not cleaned by fuel, therefore carbon deposits, a product of oil fumes of the stock PCV system, build-up on the valves.

The RTMG Carbon Oil Catch Can can reduce the carbon build up on the intake valves up to 60%. The catch can also prevents oil pooling into the intercooler and intercooler hoses.

Our smart filtering system takes care of the lighter vapors, while it also features a unique direct path to the bottom of the catch can for the heavy oil vapors, resulting in cleaning up to 99% of the returned fumes/vapors.



  • CNC Billet Oil Catch Can Cap
  • Carbon Fiber Oil Catch Can Main Body
  • Oil Level check with a dipstick
  • Drain-in-seconds system with drain valve
  • Serviceable
  • AN10 Inlet Barb Fittings
  • 25mm Outlet
  • Reduces Carbon Build Up
  • 750g Weight

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