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RTMG is pionnering in recalibrating the ECU file of the 1.5TSI EVO engines

Years of experience and testing, has lead us to the top of the calibration of the MD1-MG1 ECUs for 1.5TSI Engines.


Our custom ECU remaps transform your car and unleash its full potential in respect to all modifications that you have applied on your car, satisfying all your needs and thoughts.


One of the first companies that manages to calibrate the new ECUs of the 1.5TSI evo engines.

Two different stages of ECU calibration with unique specs and performance depending on the modifications that your car incorporates.


Stg1 :

  • ECU calibration for setups that are completely stock or are supplied with our intake system.
  • Estimated Horsepower 190-195HP.

Stg2 :

  • ECU calibration for setups that are supplied with at least our intake system, a full exhaust system.
  • Estimated Horsepower 200-205HP.



* Soon to be released Stg3 maps for our new entry EVO Hybrid turbocharger for up to 270HP.


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Stage 1, Stage 2


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