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RTMG is pionnering in recalibrating the ECU file of theĀ  2.0TSI EA888.2 Engines.


Years of experience and testing, has lead us to the top of the calibration of the MED17.5 versions of the 2.0 TSI Twincharged engines, owning the world records for the fastest K04-064 setups.


Our custom ECU remaps transform your car and unleash its full potential in respect to all modifications that you have applied on your car, satisfying all your needs and thoughts.


Three different stages of ECU calibration with unique specs and performance depending on the modifications that your car has.


Stg1 :

  • ECU calibration for setups that are completely stock or are supplied with our intake system or/and a full exhaust system
  • Estimated Power : 260-265HP

Stg2 :

  • ECU calibration for setups that are supplied with at least our intake system, a full exhaust system and upgraded intercooler system and upgraded RTMG diverter or blow off valve system.
  • R8 coils are recommended for engines with high mileage or engines dealing with misfire issues.
  • Estimated Power : 270-290HP

Stg3 :

  • Unique ECU calibration for our Borg-Warner K04-064 Turbocharger Setups
  • Additional ECU calibration for setups that are supplied with methanol injection system.
  • Estimated Power : 350-415HP

Stg4 :

  • Unique ECU calibration for our Hybrid turbocharger K04-064 Setups 440RS & 460RS for up to 500-510HP.


* For setups with methanol kit, prices are slightly increased and is better for you to contact us for more information



  • RTMG is informing that there are big differences in the factory specifications due to the installation of the performance software upgrade. Moreover, these upgrades may cause unexpected problems to the car and RTMG is taking no liability and is not responsible for them.
  • The owner affirms that is completely aware and accepts all the above and especially that the performance software upgrade is not corresponding to the factory car capabilities based on the factory specifications and may cause unexpected problems to mechanical parts of the car.
  • The owner affirms that takes full liability of any unexpected problems or damages caused in the car after the installation of the performance software at the current or future date and will not claim against RTMG who installed the performance upgrades.

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Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4


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