VAG 2.0 TSI EA888.2 Κ04-064 Kit 360-400HP

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Complete Stage 3 Kit for 2.0 TSI Twincharger EA888.2 Engines for 360-400HP

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DISCLAIMER: The stage 3 setup for 2.0 TSI is bolt on solution with modified K04-064 Turbocharger housing plus the supporting parts needed for relocating the diverter valve.

The kit includes everything you need for Stage 3 EXCEPT:

1) Full exhaust and downpipe (Recommended: 76mm (3”) with free-flowing cat or decat for race use). Highly recommended to contact our in-house exhaust company DKU Performance

2) Fuel upgrade. With the stock fueling system, the maximum horsepower is 370-380 hp with premium fuel. To achieve the maximum horsepower you will need a methanol injection kit (Recommended: AEM 30-3300) and over 1.5 bar boost at the rev-limit.

3) ECU Remap. For this service, you will contact us for booking in for our special custom ECU calibration and TCU ( When applicable ) calibration.

EA888.2 K04-64 Kit includes:

  • RTMG Direct Carbon Cold Air Intake
  • Rtmg Relief Valve 1.4 TSI Twincharger EA888.2
  • RTMG Muffle Delete
  • NGK BKR7EIX Spark Plugs
  • NGK R8 Coils
  • Genuine K04-064 Turbocharger ( Mahle – Borg Warner )
  • Upgraded wastegate actuator (1.1 bar spring)
  • Audi S3 Intercooler (Aftermarket all-aluminum intercooler 40mm thick, replaces the stock intercooler)
  • Optional clutch upgrade for manual gearboxes
  • Genuine Intercooler Turbo Outlet pipe 1K0145762BM
  • Genuine Intercooler Pipe 1K0 145 770P
  • Genuine Pressure Hose 1k0 145 845A
  • Intermediate flange For Relief Valve 06F 145 751
  • Custom wiring harness for extending the original DV wires consists of following part numbers:
    00 979 134 A: wire (x2)
    000 979 133 A: wire (x2)
    1J0 973 722 A: Connection housing to DV
    1J0 973 822 A: Connection housing to harness
  • AEM Methanol kit ( Optional )


Turbocharger Βuying Οptions: 

Used:  With this option, you will receive a stock used turbo either Mahle or Borg Warner. RTMG cannot guarantee for the condition and the durability of the used turbo.

New: With this option, you will get a new turbo which is a brand new K04-064 turbocharger.


Clutch Option is applicable only in manual cars. DSG versions do not need any upgrade.


  • Color selection is done after contacting with us
  • Availability of used turbo is not guaranteed and time-scale varies.

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Mahle, Borg Warner

Turbo Condition

Used, New


W/O Clutch, RTMG Twin-Disc Clutch

Methanol Kit



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